Selasa, 07 April 2009

the development of bussiness market in the future times

What of the business issues? Commissioning manufacturing clients increasingly seek value for money, ‘measurable’ positive effects from their marketing and advertising budgets, and frequently qualitative research is eating a piece of this cake. They are often answerable within a global business, where, for example, spanning continents with a salient message may be more important than understanding the detail of differences between the north and south of England.

Qualitative research has been, and is, responding creatively to these kinds of challenges. Being picky and astute in choosing who to talk to, and in what fashion -- thinking beyond the ‘obvious’ clutch of group discussions -- can help to set the problem in a strategic context.

Perhaps ‘talking’ isn’t the answer at all; observation of a group of teenagers using mobile phones in the park may enrich dramatically a verbalised account of attitudes and reactions in a convened focus group. It’s unlikely that the expedient, convenient and cost-effective ‘group’ will ever diminish in popularity, but look out for, and be open to, other routes to enlightenment. Qualitative researchers are often innovative thinkers and planners, not just ‘good moderators’.

Using qualitative research to ‘create’ as well as to ‘evaluate’ is increasingly common and it is likely that this is an area where the remit will expand. What can a sample of consumers trigger in the company of a creative team? Much that is exciting, enduring and successful out there on the shelves or memorable in brand advertising had its roots in the creative dynamic generated among a group of consumers.

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